Mexican folk art sculptures

Alebrijes are a Mexican craft, invented by Pedro Linares López in 1936, Mexican artist born in Mexico City. His works represent imaginary animals, chimeras and fantasy, made ​​with different types of paper and or wood carved and decorated with vibrant, bright colors.
Linares López told that being sick and near death, he dreamed that he was in a forest where he saw these strange beings. The rocks, clouds and animals became something indescribable, unknown animals. He saw a donkey with butterfly wings, a rooster with bull horns, a lion with an eagle’s head and they were all shouting a single word: “Alebrijes”.

My friend and fellow artist, Luis Ernesto García Orozco taught me the traditional technique for making these sculptures with wire, glue , paper mache and acrylic paint. I also use colored wires, recycled materials and spray paint. So while, I use a traditional techniques, i add a new aesthetic twist.