Born and raised in Mexico City, Gerardo uses pencil, ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint on paper to create black and white drawings, or colorful paintings. A self-taught artist, he explores compositions found in all different levels of traditional Mexican iconography to discover new meanings that resonate with living in a contemporary context. Color and line structures hence become very important as they make ordinary objects mixed with intricate geometric patterns in surreal scenes into a symbolic language that is uniquely of today. This type of visual experimentation allows him to explore the complex relationship between human perception and nonexistent worlds to potentially carve out a new critical view without leaving history behind.

Gerardo is also inspired by artistic practices that include figures such as contemporary German artist Tobias Rehberger, Italian renaissance figure Hieronymus Bosch and even the mathematically driven M.C. Escher. He has further interests in sacred geometry, the history and culture of Mexico, surrealism, and everyday life in the U.S. His works have been shown in various gallery exhibitions in Mexico and most recently he was included in an exhibition at Art of the State, Pennsylvania and Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA. A resident of Pittsburgh, Gerardo is currently exploring different media, including screen printing and sculpture.

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