Acrylic paint, Ink, metallic ink, Pencil, Spray paint / Paper
20 x 28 in
When I was young, my brother had a toy car, a Trans Am, black with a huge gold eagle on the front. I often looked at the car with admiration; we rarely had toys growing up, and I think it was the first time in my short and inexperienced life that I really appreciated something, so it was really important to me. As time has passed, I’ve continued to admire the beauty of these cars, the lines and the design. We don’t have muscle cars in Mexico, so they are a different experience for me as well. Combining my geometric work with the image of a car inspired this series. I began with the geometric design of the flower of life, from which all originates, Metatron. The flor de lis grow from the Metatron, spreading their seeds from which other geometric designs grow and successively creating ideas, including the car. The rhinoceroses are another result of the creation of the flower of life, representing strength. This series is called, “Forgotten Icons (Personal History and Stars Themselves)”.