Acrylic paint, Ink, Pencil / Paper
20 x 28 in

I lived in such a big city for my whole life up until recently that while I learned how to navigate the city and where to find things, I never completely knew it. This is my homage to the city and those who built it and continue to build it. I included a series of basic elements such as the division of space and the formation of the structures. I liked the idea of continuing to work with perspective and the mysterious and three-dimensional results that occur. The idea was to create a series of four cities, practically one on top of the other, that would represent the social hierarchy that exists in the real world. The first and largest (at the bottom) has diverse spaces that reflect this class structure with larger, more solid buildings on one side, while the other side shows poverty and the desire for comfort and well-being. I wanted to give the city vitality through the movement and repeated patterns in the structures. I also incorporated the 3D typography I used when I did graffiti years ago. The second and third cities in the center of the drawing are on a rigid metal base supported by a pair of legs representing the strength of the work and some skulls as a representation of the cost of the work. The fourth city, sustained in the air by a hummingbird, is the ideal city, the desire, the unattainable.