End of the Road

End of the Road
Media: Mixed Media on paper.
Dimensions: 18″ x 24″

“His deftly rendered lines constrict galaxies into tiny crystalline vitrines, adhering to a framework within which is magnified a quiet scene of life and death. Awash in pastels, the macabre is tempered by a delicate environmental serenity. What once drew breathe now lies blanched and expired, to be engulfed by a budding verdancy. Amongst all the worlds that are possible, here one phase of existence blends into another, the succession is effortless and undeniable. In a optic language that is gothic, intricate and subdued, Garduño calcifies mathematic theory into skeletal remains upon which he renders existential visions, a new mortal flesh.”

– Ashley Brickman by Sidewall: a mural project