Fisherman of Illusions

Fisherman of Illusions
Acrylic paint, Pencil, Ink / Paper
20 x 28 in

“Fisherman of Illusions” were selected for this jured exposition in the 2014 Salon Show at The Gallery 4.
Pittsburgh Fisherman of Illusions combines geometric perspective with fun and irrationality. The organic Art Nouveau design framing the drawing grows out of a more rigid, geometric base. It functions as decoration as well as creating the effect of looking through a window, behind which another window or world may lie. I worked from a different viewpoint than in other drawings, using the three central discs to divide the space and create the perspective. On the bottom disc stand a man with his hands in the air who believes he is a god and can do anything, but ultimately he’s just a man on a wooden stand. The surrealist disc in the middle represent expectations, featuring a hand in the middle of throwing the disc on which it sits, with the eye watching and waiting. The men are hiding their feelings behind their backs. The top disc supports the indigenous face and lilies recycled from a previous drawing, with modern glasses lightening what might be a more serious image. Scattered throughout the drawing are small people, each believing in their own illusion. On the bottom left of the drawing and the top right are men who think they can fly. On the top left, a man fishes for a shark one of the inspirations for the title.